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Academic Copyediting Services

For professional copyediting, pricing information, and consultation, send your essays/articles/manuscripts to

Please include “copyediting” in the subject line and send the following information: name, phone number, billing address, and any pertinent information about the paper to be edited (deadline, audience, preferred formatting style).

Please send papers in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), Rich Text (.rtf), or Text (.txt) format. I typically return documents in Microsoft Word format using the “Track Changes” and “Comments” functions, but can adapt to most needs. When editing from PDF documents, I provide the author with a typed list of suggested corrections and comments.

Pricing: My prices vary based on the amount of time I expect will be necessary to edit your paper. Upon receipt of your paper, I will reply with an estimate. For a typical 20-page (5,000-word) essay in the social sciences, my cost is $50. For an extra $10, I will carefully fine-tune your references section to fit the style system of your choice (MLA, APA, ASA, APSA, Chicago/Turabian, etc.).

A little about me and what I do:

While studying at Goucher College, I took several internships working for high-profile think tanks and had the good fortune of copyediting their publications. My interests were mainly in Middle Eastern affairs and military relations, and I loved the work because I got to read all these amazing papers before anybody else.

At the same time, I learned why even the best writers today use copyeditors: getting the facts straight is an arduous process that leaves the writer too exhausted to carefully polish his grammar. This is where I come in – I take the papers you painstakingly draft and refine your spelling, word choice, formatting, et cetera.

A good copyeditor NEVER drowns out the author’s writing style; he only makes it more powerful.

Letter Pefect Copyediting is a subdivision of Letter Perfect Word Processing Center, Inc., a family-owned and -operated small business in Baltimore, MD.

1. (Q) What types of material do you handle?

(A) I copyedit everything from lengthy manuscripts to blog posts and college-level literature reviews.

Outside of academic material, I can also copyedit pleasure reading books, brochures, advertisements, political campaign statements, etc.

2. (Q) What languages do you work with?

(A) My best copyediting languages are English and Hebrew. If, like many academics, you include a considerable amount of foreign language content in your papers, I will do my best to check those sections for spelling and/or transliteration (experience in Arabic, Turkish, Persian, French, German, and Spanish).

3. (Q) How fast can you copyedit my paper?

(A) Typically, I work at a maximum speed of 10 pages per hour, and a careful edit typically requires me to slow down to between 2 and 5 pages per hour. Books can take about a week to copyedit; papers take less time, varying by their content and length. That said, I will work with your deadline schedule to meet your needs.

4. (Q) How much does copyediting cost?

(A) My exact fees vary. E-mail me at for an estimate.

Some copyeditors charge outrageous fees for very little work. If you hand me a paper that’s already in lovely condition and there is little I can do to improve it, I charge you very little.

For a typical 20-page (5,000-word) essay in the social sciences, my cost is $50. For an extra $10, I will carefully fine-tune your references section to fit the style system of your choice (MLA, APA, ASA, APSA, Chicago/Turabian, etc.).

5. (Q) Am I plagiarizing if I use a copyeditor?

(A) ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Most professionals and academics use copyeditors or colleagues to help them polish everything they publish. Plagiarizing is stealing another person’s ideas or words. A copyeditor relies on the author’s OWN ideas and words, and simply helps the author use the language more effectively. I return your paper with detailed suggestions and comments that I recommend you address, but in the end it is your decision to take my advice or leave it, making it completely YOUR paper.

Nevertheless, some college professors (a small minority in my experience) are ridiculous and look down on students who use copyeditors–even when the professors pay a copyeditor to polish their own published works. I would not recommend taking classes with these professors! But if you must, speak with them before submitting a professionally copyedited paper.

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